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Kids Dentist Yuma AZ

Your Kids Dentist visit in Yuma AZ Should Make it Fun - That's What Yuma Dental Does - Exceptionally well!

As a child, visiting the dentist can be scary. Let's face it, visiting the dentist as an adult can cause anxiety. At Yuma Dental we understand this; that's why our dentists strive to make you and your child's visit as comfortable as possible.

Your child should associate visiting the dentist with a fun experience. Our Pediatric Dentist in Yuma AZ keeps the atmosphere fun, with a focus on the positive. We'll engage your child and encourage interest in his or her teeth, demonstrating best practices in oral hygiene.


Because We Care

At Yuma Dental, our pediatric dentistry staff cares not only about the present health of your kids’ teeth and gums, but also about your kids’ ongoing oral health and how we can establish that firm foundation of oral care now.

Almost 65 million adults age 30 years and older suffer from some form of gum disease. Ranging from gingivitis, a mild, early gum disease, to periodontitis, which is a severe chronic gum disease, all forms of gum disease can start when a person is well under 18, even in the youngest of mouths.

Gum disease is caused by the bacteria in dental plaque that can build up in the mouth. That bacteria attack the gums, teeth and bones, causing infection. The body reacts to the bacteria, fighting the infection by producing substances. In the more serious cases, these substances can destroy the structures that hold the teeth in the jaw, including ligaments and jawbone.

If left untreated, periodontitis can result in serious damage to the gums and jawbone. In the most severe cases, it causes a loss of teeth.

As parents ourselves, our foremost pediatric dental goal is to educate our young patients and their parents on the risks of developing common oral health issues such as this, including how to recognize the signs and symptoms of early gum disease and the ways you can prevent it.

As a Yuma Kids Dentist, we know the best way to care for young teeth. As parents ourselves, we know the best ways to keep kids feeling safe and comfortable. When at our practice. We want to provide you with the best ways to help your children learn to care for their teeth. Today's good brushers become tomorrow's teens and young adults without cavities.

A Yuma AZ Kids Dentist with a Focus on Prevention

When you and your kids visit our child dentist in Yuma AZ, you'll not only get the best in dental care, you'll also get tips on how to keep your teeth healthy.

Your dental visit will be educational, focusing positively on what you and your children should keep doing, or ideas on ways to do things differently, so your visits to us are purely for routine check-ups and not for dental problems.

We'll take time to show your kids the best techniques when it comes to brushing and flossing. We'll demonstrate how easy it is to keep a healthy smile. We'll emphasize to your kids what makes their mouths special, and how garnering an interest in good oral care can make all the difference in the world.

Make Your Child's Visit to the Dentist Enjoyable

Ensure your child's visit to our Yuma AZ kids dentist is enjoyable and stress-free. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for your upcoming appointment:

  • Explain to your child what he or she can expect when visiting the dentist
  • Show your child pictures of what the office looks like (we have pictures on our website of our dentistry practice in Yuma AZ)
  • Demonstrate how to open your mouth and keep it open; encourage your child to practice
  • Discuss all the benefits of a visit to our kids dentist in Yuma AZ, such as preventing any future problems
  • Share any dental work you've had done and explain how regular check-ups can prevent any future problems
  • We Know Your Schedule is Packed. We'll Make Sure Ours Isn't.

As a parent, you're constantly on the go. From school events to sporting matches, your life can be a flurry of activity. Scheduling a visit to the dentist is just one more thing on your already packed calendar.

Our dentist for children in Yuma AZ knows how busy it is because we have families of our own. We want to make it easy on you. That's why when you're a patient of Yuma Dental, you enjoy the option of Friday appointments and same-day scheduling.

If Your Child Has a Problem, Call Us for a Same-Day Appointment

Your child should never have to wait if he or she is experiencing a dental problem. As soon as you know about the issue, give our child dentist in Yuma AZ a call. We'll fit you in that same day!

At Your Children's Dentist in Yuma, Fridays Stay Open

The typical child dentist in Yuma AZ doesn't offer Friday appointments. If they do, it's with limited availability. That's why Yuma Dental is different. We offer Friday appointments, every Friday. Taking off Fridays from work is often the easiest. As a patient of Yuma Dental, you'll enjoy flexibility in scheduling thanks to Friday appointments.

Ensure Your Child's Teeth are at Their Best With Regular Visits

The time-honored adage, “prevention is the best cure” could not be more relevant than when applied to pediatric dentistry and the early detection and prevention of potentially serious oral diseases in children.

Call us today at 928.344.5700 for an appointment in our Yuma, AZ office, and we’ll make sure your kids’ dental care is on the right track from day one.